Mechanical and Biological Treatment and Energy Storage

On the way to a aftercare free waste site, waste has to be conditioned. Starting point for that is a collection system separating at least wet and carryover waste.

The ultimate conditioning takes place in specifically prepared treatment plants, which have:

  1. a mechanical pre-treatment system,
  2. a sorting sequence,
  3. a biological treatment system and
  4. a mechanical aftertreatment

In the process:

  • significant recycling products are gained,
  • a storable energy supply is produced, and

an inactive remaining quantity without environmental hazard is generated.

The mechanical pre-treatment system

a zerkleinerung 02First waste is shredded or broken down by heavy machinery.

Among other things, by doing so:

  • The contact surface for microorganisms is being enlarged.
  • The waste is easier to sort.


a sortieren 02In the sorting sequence recyclable materials as paper, glass, etc. Are being rejected and harmful ingredients are being removed.

Thereby the value added in waste treatment is being increased and quality in terms of further treatment sequences is being improved.

Last but not least the volume of the waste is being reduced.

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