Company Profile

The ENTEX Group of Companies started in 1998 with the formation of the ENTEX GmbH in Germany. Today the ENTEX Group operates internationally.

ENTEX employees have decades of experience with plant engineering and construction, power generation, environmental management, and waste management and industrial and brownfield redevelopment.

We are headquartered in Baden Württemberg (Schwäbisch Gmünd, nearby Stuttgart) with branch offices in Germany. In particular, the special equipment construction company GESA is an innovator in the development of Entex-conversion technologies.

Place of the ENTEX Holding AG is Blauen in Switzerland. We have associated companies which operate in Indonesia (Jakarta) and Canada that market the ENTEX Group’s products and capabilities abroad.

Our vast network of connections and affiliations throughout the world has allowed us to participate and successfully complete complex projects regarding environmental matters and power generation in Europe and abroad.

Our corporate philosophy, which is the cornerstone of our corporate entity, is to always strive to the forefront of our profession and industry and maintain our position there through implementing our activities with solid science and engineering.

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