Gasification reduces organic substances into its basic molecules of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in an oxygen starved atmosphere. The gas mixture, also called synthetic gas or “syngas”, can be used in a number of other processes. The chemical conversion to basic chemical substances like SNG, methanol and carbon-hydrides are prospective alternatives to the use of fossil fuels which are diminishing in quantity on global-basis.

Already today, methanol is regained from gasifing household waste.

Cleaned hydrogen together with oxygen can be used in fuel cells, having a high ratio of efficiency to generate electric power. In its simplest format, synthetic gas will produce a lot of usable heat or cold in a thermal process.

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Even in utelizing synthetic gas in its simplest form is an interesting alternative to incineration. The special process of high-temperature gasification invented by ENTEX will minimize the exhaust stream to a minimum. This includes the complete subpression of toxins like dioxins and nitro-dioxides by this reductive process.

Gasification will take organic waste as well as biomass.

With this process our organic mountains of waste will become the oil wells of the future. Even going into existing land fills and using the waste dropped there years ago, might be a feasible way of creating energy.

A process is required which handles the waste in a way, that all non required materials will be removed from the waste-stream in order to produce a storagable and high-energetic secondary fuel.

ENTEX can provide the required preparation technology, which enables us to create long lasting energy storage facilities today.

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