You are looking for possibilities to gain some independency of the traditional energy supply ?

  • You need heat/cold in larger quantities ?
  • You have large quantities of waste and/or biomass ?
  • You don’t want to operate plants or components which don’t match your core business ?
  • You want to invest in functioning technologies but you don’t want to miss the connection to innovative developments ?

If you could answer only one of these questions with „yes“, you should acquaint yourself with the options ENTEX group offers.

  • ENTEX group’s main concern is not to sell you a plant!
  • ENTEX develops solutions for energy supply based on waste, biomass, and other regenerative resources in cooperation with you.
  • ENTEX operates these plants for you or in cooperation with you !
  • Here different business models become important, from the formation of a Joint Venture company to various operating companies and contracting models. Various PPP models for public carriers are conceivable.

This has several advantages for you:

  • There is no risk to invest in technological ruins.
  • The operation of the plant does not burden the core business.
  • You participate constantly in the success of the measures.
  • Depending on the business model there are various options to impinge on proceedings.
  • You have transparency in all business transactions.

You could extend this list futher on - but we would like to do that regarding a specific project - your project. Contact us - we will gladly be of service as consultants and we will find solutions for alternatives relative to power production and where applicable for recycling.

ENTEX offers solutions for:

  • energy-intensive production plants
  • energy supply for bigger housing and office complexes
  • biomass producers
  • producers who have large quantities of waste and biomass
  • municipalities and cities or other public carriers

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